Certified Public Denturist

Alex is a licensed and certified public denturist. This allows him to work in fabrication of dentures from start to finish. From impressions to fitting, and adjusting them for the most comfortable secure fit visit him here he received his bachelors degree from Eastern Washington University and denturist degree from Bates College Alex has been indenture business for almost 20 years and together with Dr. Grampp Who has over 35 years of dental experience they create an amazing professional team of carrying and dedicated dental specialist one of the best procedures they perform is replacing loose and ill fitting dentures with implant supported dentures for a tight secure fit Alex says that each denture is a unique piece of art which he enjoy sculpting for his patients on his spare time he likes to travel spend time with his family and collecting car models.

Not only do we offer dental services here at Designer Dental Services, but we also offer denture services through our certified denturist, Alex! Read more below to learn more about Alex and about what it means to be a denturist!